Letter: I support Mrowicki, Deen

I support Mrowicki, Deen

Editor of the Reformer:

Every two years we elect those who will represent us in the Vermont House of Representatives. Mike Mrowicki and David Deen have each been elected for served several terms, representing the Windham 4 district. Let us not be lulled into thinking they don't need our support to be re-elected in November. Why is it important be re-elect them?

Mrowicki has been on the House Committee on Human Services, working as a strong advocate for children and families, supporting paid sick leave for workers, expanding access to reproductive health care, tackling the growing trend of teens using e-cigarettes by supporting legislation restricting teens access and including e-cigarattes in clean indoor air laws, protecting Vermonters from financial fraud, and more. His active concern for the welfare of children and families dates back well before his work in Montpelier. For example, he has served as executive director of Putney Family Services, has been on the board of Sojourns Community Health Clinic, and I remember him recruiting volunteers to glean for the Vermont Food Bank. In short, his commitment to the well-being of others is deep and long-standing.

Deen is River Steward for the Connecticut River Watershed Council, and has served in the legislature since 1987. He is Chair of the Committee on Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources, and has worked diligently to protect the natural environment, and improve the quality of Vermont's rivers, lakes and streams.

These two will be opposed in the general election by Eddie Cutler and Bonnie DePino. Neither has held elected office, so there is no record of their stands on many important issues. We do know that Cutler is president of Gun Owners of Vermont, and DePino's husband is vice president. Although a majority of gun owners are in favor of background checks, Gun Owners of Vermont is opposed to a state law which would prohibit violent felons from possessing firearms.

Claire Wilson, Putney, July 18


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