Letter: Inaccurate and sensationalized

Inaccurate and sensationalized

Editor of the Reformer:

We the undersigned homeowners at Morningside Commons would like to correct the inaccurate and sensationalized Sept. 21 Reformer report about our Association's recent private business meeting ("Brattleboro condo association faces unexpected assessment.").

It is unfortunate that your reporter did not have enough time to research any background on Morningside, or even on how condominiums work, the usual nature of their business, and how it is conducted. Perhaps this was why his report, perhaps unintentionally, gave a limited, partial view. He quoted statements from owners of only four units (out of 166) and from our insurance agent that conveyed an exaggerated picture of panic, great "stress," and "disaster." Had Mr. Mays taken the time to verify these statements' accuracy or to interview anyone present, he would have discovered that the majority of the 100 or so at the meeting were not in a state of panic and are not anticipating disaster.

The reality is far from what Mr. Mays described. Morningside Commons owners are coming together as a community to discuss and tackle the issues currently facing our Association. We are working hard on these concerns, to be sure; we know we are facing a rough patch; and with all due care, consideration, and deliberation, we are determining the best way to set a steady course for our condominium's future. We, as a community, know that we are strong and viable; we love living in our community and value it highly; we love our homes at Morningside; and we are committed and confident in our current effort to maintain our Association's long-term stability.

Carol Aydelotte, Dr. M. Ayla Clark, Doris Dearborn, Bonnie Girvan, Anne Hier, Joan Kainz, Carol Klute, Wayne Licwov, Gene and Milda Peake, Martha Ramsey, Barbara Raskin, Paula L. Ryan, Dr. Elizabeth Trousdell, Bruce and Trish Wilder and Lorraine Nims, Brattleboro, Sept. 25


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