Letter: Is justice blind, deaf and dumb?

Is justice blind, deaf and dumb?

Editor of the Reformer:

I heard a story this morning which disturbed me and shook my faith in the world. It was not from Paris and it was not an act by a terrorist. It was from California and it was a decision. In fact, it was two decisions.

The first was the decision by an ex-husband who not only left his ill spouse but went to court to see to it his sterile ex-wife not use embryos frozen before her cancer treatments.

The second decision was by a judge who said the embryos must be destroyed because the selfish ex-husband is entitled to enforce a contract. I was a husband and had a wife who had cancer and I also was a lawyer. I can only assume that the ex-husband loved his wife at one time and I can only assume the judge went to law school and took contracts in his first years.

Clearly there has been a change of circumstances which allowed the husband to be released from and negate the contract of marriage. Did the judge miss the classes on change of circumstances and/or unenforceable agreements which go against equity?

I am sure the judge will say "I am only following the law" which sounds too much like "I am just following orders."

Dean Lynch, Westminster West, Nov. 20


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