Letter: It's not the flour, it's the leavening

It's not the flour, it's the leavening

Editor of the Reformer:

Sara Moulton may have extensive credits as a food writer, but she perpetuates a falsehood about Passover food restrictions by saying the holiday "forbids the eating of most foods made with flour ..." (May 11).

It's not the "flour" that's forbidden, but the leavening used to make such things as bread and rolls. I am not Jewish, but I know the Old Testament story of the Passover. The Jews had to leave Egypt so suddenly they did not have time to let their bread rise. To commemorate the occasion, one of the dietary restrictions is to get along without leavening for the duration of the holiday, i.e. no yeast, baking powder, baking soda, sourdough, etc.

Many ordinary "flour" products are made without leavening. If they are produced especially to be used during Passover, they will be marked "Kosher for Passover" or "Pareve" This ensures that there was no leavening used, and no contamination from other products produced in the same facility. I'm sure there are kosher lasagne noodles available.

It's a shame to use sloppy information in a syndicated column.

Jeanne Austin, Westminster, April 15


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