Letter: Kudos to Meadowdale Farm

Kudos to Meadowdale Farm

Editor of the Reformer:

Three of the major challenges now facing society — facing us all — are: The vast over-use of greenhouse-gas-producing fuels, ultimately leading to the destructive warming of the entire globe; the enormous over-use of persistent toxic chemicals and hormones, thereby contaminating both our own foodstuffs and the overall biosphere (the global environment) on which all living things on earth depend; and the successful and socially useful integration of the often under-appreciated veterans of our nation's recent military adventures.

Thus it is that the Putney community is incredibly fortunate that the Bowens' highly diversified Meadowdale Farm — currently celebrating its 10th year in our town — is not only itself doing its bit to alleviate all three of those most challenging of dilemmas, but is at the same time providing such a fine example for others to do likewise:

First, by offering carefully nurtured, locally produced meats, vegetables, maple sap, hay, and forest products, all coming from a small-scale sustainably managed enterprise — thereby lessening our highly undesirable dependence on distant industrial farming with the attendant obnoxious overuse of fuels, pesticides, and hormones and sometime cruel livestock practices.

Second, by offering sustainably produced firewood — thereby lowering our dependence on those so incredibly harmful fossil fuels.

And third, by offering support to veterans to follow its fine example, doing so in cooperation with the Farmer Veteran Coalition, as well as its availability to our local schools as a most valuable educational resource — thereby contributing importantly to the spreading of this environmentally admirable gospel.

So, we owe much to Mark, Katherine, and James Bowen for all that they are doing with their amazingly attractive working landscape to contribute both to the benefit of the biosphere and to the luster of Vermont!

Arthur H. Westing, Putney, Sept. 16


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