Letter: Leave no trace

Leave no trace

Editor of the Reformer:

Dear people of the West River Valley, growing up in Vermont I always considered myself a "green" person even though during school I was never really taught what it was to be "sustainable." Coming out to Tahoe for college I was forced to question what I learned. I was taught about leave no trace and after taking sustainability 101, I was introduced to what sustainability is about.

Most people in Vermont believe that being "green" and sustainable are the same thing when being sustainable is much deeper than just the environment. To be sustainable there needs to be a balance between the government, environment, community, economy, activism, and local culture. I was born in Brattleboro and graduated from Leland & Gray in 2014. Although I didn't realize it, myself and the people around me were being sustainable. Along with touching on the environmental pillar, Townshend succeeded in touching multiple pillars. Every year the community comes together to help feed our homeless and less fortunate through the Feed The Thousands program. This one program hits multiple pillars itself — cultural, social, and activism. The more I look into my hometown the stronger its spirit grows.

Townshend is doing a great job of being sustainable, but there is always room for improvement. There are still plenty of changes that can be made that can help make this small town. The more education on sustainability in the schools, and communities the better our towns will become. The high schools should start being more active in the community, and should start looking into ways of bettering our towns. Elementary schools can start teaching the fundamentals of leave no trace to their students. These small steps are the first part of becoming the change. The more education we have on the topic the better we can do to keep our towns healthy for us, and our generations to come.

Dylan Jerz, Townshend, Dec. 1


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