Letter: Look past the issues and focus on the person

Look past the issues, focus on the person

Editor of the Reformer

Donald Trump is like an actual real person. Not like the others who just say what the people want to hear. The people with money. The backers and business owners who hired the lobbyists. They just put on a show for us. The best actor with the most money wins. But, this guy seems like, and I mean seems like, he really puts his actual cards on the table. Not even acting at all.

He's saying things people don't want to hear and addressing things people don't want to deal with. And not just the front page things. Lot's of things. The others will say anything to get in office. When it comes time to prove themselves they turn their backs on us. History has plainly showed this over and over again.

It isn't like we the people haven't learned anything from the all of that. It just seems to me the system we use to vote with is broken. It's antiquated as well. But I digress.

I'm not sure about voting for Mr. Trump, to be honest. It almost feels like I'm throwing a Hail Mary from half court. But, the alternative is such a bad actress. You can totally tell she's lying. Telling stories. It literally makes my stomach hurt to think she could be our first woman president. I just know we can do better. Jill Stein for instance. I don't know much about Dr. Stein, but I bet she would convince me she's a better choice than Hillary.

I believe Hillary has gotten as far as she has because she has lots friends in high places. Friends her and her husband made sure were taken care of when he was in office. And she has lots of money.

Money talks. Plain and simple. The two most heard of people left in the election are the two richest people out of all of them. Just like the ones before. But I guess in a capitalist country this is a good thing.

If a person is willing and able to pursue everything they need to become successful, they most likely will experience some degree of success, at least that's how it's supposed to work. I honestly believe it does work. You get out what you put in. Right?

Granted, it has become difficult to pursue anything these days with all of the obstacles in our way. Things like low wages, student loans, health insurance, big pharma to name a few. Hopefully, the one who gets elected will try and remove at least some of those obstacles. So let us please think about it. Try and look past the big issues. Let's just focus on the person. Let's ask ourselves which one of these candidates do we the people believe will try hardest to make our lives easier, safer and more fulfilling? Hopefully we make the right choice and hopefully the system will allow us to express that choice honestly.

Matt Soubble, Brattleboro, Sept. 17


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