Letter: Nick will be missed

Nick will be missed

Editor of the Reformer:

Brattleboro has lost a vivacious young soul this week. The passing of Nick Widomski has touched untold lives in our town. I did not know him well, but I know that he was a wonderful friend to many, and a creative and giving person with a radiant smile.

Many of our younger citizens are grieving deeply, and as part of that process, and out of the need to heal and come together a bench was brought back to "The Spot" on the Flat Street side of the walking bridge over the Whetstone by the Co-op. All of the seating there had been removed some time ago for reasons I don't entirely understand. The Spot was a gathering place for many of these folks when they were younger. It was a safe place to gather, to meet, and to just hang out. Yes, there was some skateboarding there, and some occasional decorating of the brickwork with fabulous and sometimes silly chalk drawings, but those kids respected the area and kept it clean and friendly. It was an important place for those kids with a value that most of us will never be able to comprehend. Nick, my son, and many of his good friends used to be regulars there. As the mother of one of those kids I was always greeted warmly when I passed, and even welcomed to hang out there a bit myself.

I am asking a few things: That the community respect the need for a memorial there, and that they also feel free to add to it. Even if you never knew Nick or any of his friends and family, please know that a large group in our community is suffering right now. They need our support. I am also asking that the town please consider replacing the bench that was once there in honor of Nick's memory. It was always a lovely spot and deserves to be appreciated as a place to take a moment and just rest in its beauty. It would be wonderful if the bench could officially be dedicated to the memory of Nick Widomski.

These grieving souls were "those kids" that used to "hang out." They are now a large contingent of the young adults who are working, marrying, shopping, and creating in our community. They are the energetic, up and coming citizens of Brattleboro who are keeping this town vibrant and interesting. Let's get that bench back there for keeps. They need to know we are there for them.

Eileen J. Glover, Brattleboro, Nov. 4


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