Letter: No car, no bus ... big problem

No car, no bus ... big problem

Editor of the Reformer:

Eight months ago I started having seizures. This has resulted in not being able to work (I was in construction) and not being able to drive. My son started kindergarten this year at the Halifax Elementary School. About two days before school started we found out there was no school bus service to our house. I live six miles from the school on a public road. Since then we have had to pay other parents or my landlord to bring our son home or pay for him to be at day care. Very difficult with only one working parent. Tuesday a parent called last minute to say they couldn't pick up our son. So I put my 5-month-old on my back and started hiking the six miles to the school to get my son to hike six miles back. Luckily we ran into a friend willing to help.

I didn't have epilepsy when I moved into this house or any family history of it. The hardest thing in our family's life right now is figuring out how to get our son home from school.

We are moving next week but I really feel like I'm being forced out of town. My son has lived here his entire life. When he was younger we lived closer to the school and liked to walk down there. We brought our own toys to replace rusty ones in the sandbox. We thought we were part of a community. Then I got sick and have had very little help from this community.

I have talked to the principal, she could get a bus three miles from our house. A kindergartener cant walk three to six miles daily. I was told the school board are the people to talk to. On Sept. 4th I sent an email to all three members of the School Board listed on the school website. I have not gotten a single response.

When we asked the principal what a family that can't afford a car does, she said that has never been a problem. Maybe there have been lots of people that can't but they were to scared to talk to the school so they left town. My seizures are closely related to anxiety and panic attacks. The last thing I want to do when my son starts kindergarten is have to argue with the principal and School Board about him getting there.

My wife was asked to work some extra days, with one working parent she has to say yes. So because these days are not normally on her schedule we have no way for our son to get home.

A child's education should not be dependent on his parents ability to drive or afford a car.

B. Potter, Halifax, Sept. 23


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