Letter: No holiday for puppy mill dogs

No holiday for puppy mill dogs

Editor of the Reformer:

This year thousands of puppies will be given as "gifts." Most of these will have been purchased from a pet store and, as a recent Humane Society of the United States investigation revealed, most pet stores still obtain their stock from puppy mills, despite claims (and protests) to the contrary. The overwhelming majority of puppy mills keep their dogs in deplorable conditions — filthy, unsanitary, inadequate food and water, exposed to the elements. During this season, when we paint pictures of warm togetherness with fluffy snowflakes falling outside, let's remember that our season of "comfort and joy" is anything but for these canine breeding machines. If you must buy a dog or puppy, please adopt from your local shelter and avoid pet stores and, above all, the internet. It's time to put an end to puppy mills and those who support them.

Lisa Jablow, Brattleboro, Dec. 16


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