Letter: No laughing matter

No laughing matter

Editor of the Reformer:

For the last six months I have been feeling I am living in 1933 Germany with Muslims being the new Jews and the world ending on September 11, 2020, as President Trump is assassinated by terrorists and President Cruz brings on the End of Days.

This morning another image from the past haunts me.

As I turned on NPR, I heard was Ted Cruz was suspending his campaign after the Indiana primary loss and Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee. One of the talking heads made the comments Trump could never win in the general election. There was laughter from the commentator and other guests.

My mind flashed to the deck of the H.M.S. Titanic 1912; a couple is handed a life jacket and laughs "How silly, this ship's unsinkable."

The ship of state has been sailing in dangerous waters for years as the congress ignores its duty to govern for the good of the people; not the corporations: the courts forgot all about equal justice under law: the free press is more concerned with ratings and profits than informing the public and the truth.

This is no pleasure cruise. This is the American Dream gone wrong. If we stay on this course, we will hit the iceberg in November and the rest will be history. A history no one gets to write.

Dean Lynch, Westminster West, May 5


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