Letter: No place for nuclear waste

No place for nuclear waste

Editor of the Reformer:

Dream on, Reformer. From your Oct. 20 front page Entergy Nuclear press release: "The spent fuel could remain on site until 2052 ..." And where's it going after that? The nuclear industry still hasn't found a safe way to store radioactive waste from the earliest atomic weapons. Why do you suggest there will be somewhere, some way found in the next 37 years, that has eluded scientists for the last 70 years? It's not a political problem. It's a scientific problem. The history of nuclear waste storage is full of leaks, fires and unwarranted optimism. There was a radioactive fire just last month in a Nevada nuclear waste dump. It used to be common, at meetings about the Vernon reactor, for supporters to claim the waste was so safe, they would store it in their backyards. Better there than on the sand and clay banks of the Connecticut River. Thanks to the Windham Regional Commission and the State of Vermont, for trying to make the best of a very bad situation.

Ed Anthes, Dummerston, Nov. 3


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