Letter: Not enough workers?

Not enough workers?

Editor of the Reformer:

The head of the Vermont Agency of Transportation says there in dire need of help, that if a three-day storm hit the state, they don't have enough people to plow.

I think they need to get their employees that work for them and put them back to work. At least over this way at the Jamaica Garage. Each worker has his or her own excavating business or other job. They take turns taking leave of absence for a month at a whack. I know of one worker that has taken off more time this spring, summer and fall then days he has worked for the agency. Right now, he is on a month-long leave of absence, but his is working seven days a week doing his own thing.

If the Agency of Transportation only needs people from Dec. 1 through April 1, sub it out to all the excavating companies. Their dump trucks sit idle all winter and they have their own insurance. That would save us a few million dollars.

Brian Colbree, Jamaica, Nov. 23


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