Letter: Not in Vermont's best interests

Not in Vermont's best interests

Editor of the Reformer:

An open letter to Senators Jeanette White and Joe Benning

I have waited till the last minute to email you, hoping for the "Vermont Way" to break through. It has not. When Senator Sears made his remarks comparing cannabis and tomatoes, he hit a nerve with many people. This was not orchestrated it was and is a spontaneous outpouring from Vermont citizens. You spent last session listening; this was not the case in the Judiciary Committee. When Emily and I testified before the committee we were interrupted by a power outage. We waited patiently, when we finally continued we were rudely interrupted by Senator Sears, who absolutely dismissed our ideas before we had a chance to finish. Similar attention was paid to others who testified for the people the last being Allen Gilbert. It is not just about some people growing in the woods, it is more then that. Equality, local economy and opportunity are the core of our ideas. I cannot see how either bill before the committee is anything but a step backwards in this regard. We know from the marijuana medical bill that bills are not easy or quick to change. We know what the two bills before the committee mean. I urge you to vote against amended S.241, or S.95 should it come up.

Please give me the courtesy of a reply.

Stuart Savel, Brattleboro, Feb. 1


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