Letter: Open arms and legacies

Open arms and legacies

Editor of the Reformer:

I am writing to add an exclamation point to the op-ed "Immigrants Arrive with their Pasts Intact" by Ms. Georgie Anne Geyer (Dec. 9). Her point about the dangers of immigrants has tremendous historical precedent.

Over the last 500 years, millions upon millions of European Immigrants and supposed refugees have flooded the Americas with most devastating results. Over 20 million of the fine citizens of these lands were murdered in the slaughter brought on by these pernicious moochers and usurpers. They did indeed refuse to leave their violent past behind. They insisted upon forcing their religions and foreign ways upon the nations, using infiltration and brutal terrorism to secure their conquests.

If only the indigenous peoples of the "New World" were fortunate enough to have such stringent screening processes for refugees as does the modern United States. Perhaps that genocide could have been avoided. Then your columnist would likely have been able to write her article from the safety of her recent ancestor's homeland.

Daniel Kasnitz, Brattleboro, Dec. 10


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