Letter: Our veterans have been betrayed

Our veterans have been betrayed

Editor of the Reformer:

I write as an American citizen firstly, and secondly, as an individual intimately connected to our veterans community. In both capacities I am shocked and frankly outraged at recent revelations arising from within The Wounded Warrior Project. I am particularly offended because I have dedicated the latter part of my life to rendering help and healing assistance to members of the veteran community. What has happened is that, because of the greed and selfishness of a few, the best interests of our veterans as a whole have become imperiled. I cannot sit by and watch this happen.

Years ago I was instrumental in the founding of an organization that shares in large measure the mission and goals of Wounded Warrior Project. This organization is known as The Warrior Connection (www.warriorconnection.org). TWC is based on the concept of bringing together in a small group, for a six-day retreat, carefully selected veterans who are in need of and ready for, the deep healing of post traumatic stress and related combat mental and emotional injuries.

TWC is not alone. There are many such organizations staffed by volunteers and as necessary, individuals willing to dedicate themselves to the mission, at very low levels of compensation. TWC, as are its companion organizations, wholly dependent of the generosity and kindness of "veteran friendly" individuals and organizations. Without donations, the wonderful benefits that Vveterans surely receive could not happen.

I remain hopeful that what has happened within the Wounded Warrior Project remains as an isolated aberration and that the efforts of TWC and its companions not be tarnished by implication. Funding from individuals and organizations remains as the bedrock of sustaining us.

Please America, do not allow what has happened within WWP to adversely influence your affection, devotion and generosity when it comes to our veterans. They who served, sometimes paid an enormous price. We owe them. It is that simple. Do not let them down.

Anne Black, The Warrior Connection, March 18


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