Letter: Philosophy in a nutshell

Philosophy in a nutshell

Editor of the Reformer:

Rules for living: Your only obligation is to be happy (Emerson); don't fool with Mother Nature (Anonymous); and don't argue with crazy people (I. N. Hale). Follow the fules and you can't go too far wrong.

2015 pointed up the importance and relevance of the rules. No. 1 is self evident. Watch "It's A Wonderful Life," and you'll get it. No. 2 was illustrated up by a woman in February who thought she could climb the Presidential range beating a predicted storm. Breaking the rule cost her life. Later in the year a ship's captain decided to go out into a tropical storm that turned into a hurricane taking the entire ship's company of 33 to a watery grave. Does climate warming ring a bell? No. 3 comes to mind on a list too long starting here with Donald Trump going all around the world including ISSI and others believing in concepts as unsupportable as the world is flat. These people appear to believe no lives matter perverting the Golden Rule justifying even the most outrageous acts terror screaming God is Great.

Personally, I think He/She/It is on vacation. Would things be different if the Creator accepted Rule No. 1 in the Garden of Eden observing Rule No. 2 with Adam and Eve under the apple tree as well as Able practiced Rule No. 3 with Cain?

"If things were different, things would be different" (I.N. Hale). Happy New Year? or "Déjà vu all over again"? (Yogi Berra).

Dean Lynch, Westminster West, Jan. 8


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