Letter: Plastic problem

Plastic problem

Editor of the Reformer:

Interesting article in the paper about our Windham County Waste District operation (April 6). Essentially, they have said if it doesn't make money, or pay for itself, they will not recycle it. Thus, we are saddled with trying to read the category of each plastic container we use and then send certain ones to the trash instead of its being recycled. (It used to be our trash was sent to an outfit in New York that burned everything and it raises the question about burning yogurt containers and the like and what it does to the atmosphere.)

The more important matter is this: The stance by the Waste District calls into question their charter and their function. Suppose glass is next on their list. What then? On and on.

I thought there was general support for recycling, at least here in the states. I thought green was good, and all that stuff. Apparently, the District has other notions. Money "trumps" — oops, I don't want to go there.

John Caldwell, Putney, April 7


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