Letter: Please pick up after your dog

Please pick up after your dog

Editor of the Reformer:

I walk my dog every day. I buy my own dog poop bags. I pick up my dog's waste no matter where he goes. If he goes out in a pile of leaves out in the woods I pick it up. Somebody may walk through there, you never know.

My point is, if you walk your dog you need to pick up its waste. Today, when I walked my dog, I not only picked up his waste, I ended up picking up other piles from a large dog, three bags of poop.

Fairview Village is private property if your going to walk your dog on the property out front (which you're not suppose to) please pick up your dog's waste. I'm tired of doing it. If you don't have something to pick it up use the plastic bags you get from the grocery store. I'm tired of picking up your waste.

Private property means just what is. If you're walking your dog on the sidewalk and they go on someone's property, please have the common decency to pick up your dog's waste. Carry a bag with you or a pooper scooper; they work well.

Eva Clow, Brattleboro, April 29


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