Letter: Polling station move to VFW is ill-advised

Polling station move to VFW is ill-advised

Editor of the Reformer:

There have been significant problems in conducting local and state elections since the town decided to move the polling place from Brattleboro Union High School to the second floor of the Municipal Center. One of the problems has simply been that people went to the high school, saw that the polls weren't there, then went home. Of course this problem is worse for people with busy schedules.

Now a decision has apparently been taken to site the polls at the facilities of a fraternal organization — the VFW — on Black Mountain Road. This will further confuse voters who, because this is a four-year-cycle presidential election year, may go to either of the two previous polling places before finding out where the polls are this year.

This is a bad decision, not just because of the logistical fiasco and the new move would be very far from the town's population center, but because there truly ought to be a reciprocal facilities usage policy whereby the Town would not be charged by the schools for the use of publicly-owned facilities.

I strongly urge that the polls be located once again at Brattleboro Union High School this year.

John Wilmerding, Brattleboro, Sept. 2


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