Letter: Protect Vermont's ridgelines

Protect Vermont's ridgelines

Editor of the Reformer:

Then and now, Vermont would no longer be Vermont after ridge-line development of our most beautiful scenery.

Then was 1936: Vermont's governor and some legislators endorsed the ridge-line Green Mountain Parkway that grass-roots Vermonters then rejected at annual town meetings. Now is 2016: Our governor and some legislators endorse towering ridge-line wind turbines, paved access roads and sprawling transmission lines.

Industrial development of Vermont's beauty is green pretensions desecrating green hills, which Act 250 would prevent if Act 248 could not overrule it and local control.

Now also is "1984": Our attorney general is investigating accusations by proponents' attorneys that a leading environmentalist opposing industrial wind projects is criminally practicing law without a license. But "any individual may be a pro se representative in his or her own cause." Defending our green hills is Vermonters' cause.

Licensed to dissent by the Constitutions of the state of Vermont and the United States of America, it is time for us to decide again the future of our homeland:

Howard Fairman, Putney, Jan. 27


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