Letter: Reformer shouldn't promote the alcohol industry

Don't promote the alcohol industry

Editor of the Reformer:

I was amazed when I opened today's Reformer (Dec. 2) and saw a feature article about "Beer Challenge Coming Soon" proclaiming, "The group's mission is to promote local distilleries, bars and bartenders." I grant that they have every legal right to do so, but to have your paper promoting an industry as insidious and devastating to society as the alcohol interests are, seems inconsistent. How many statistics, police reports, fatalities, broken hearts and homes, (many reported in your pages), does it take to see that the alcohol industry does not need to be promoted. We reel in horror with all the information about heroin and other drugs, but alcohol is an insidious drug and a threat to our well-being. How much damage is our society willing to accept?

Paul E. Miller, Vernon, Dec. 3


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