Letter: Samaritans needed

Samaritans needed

Editor of the Reformer:

Today I was driving up Canal Street here in Brattleboro and saw a man lying on the ground motionless.

I drove by, turned around drove by again and the man still had not moved. He was lying in such an awkward position I decided to go back again. In the meantime I noticed that no one else had taken the time to check on this man, and it really concerned me. Have we become so blase' that we don't even pay attention to another human that may be in trouble?

I parked my car, and by this time he was trying to walk and I asked if he was OK. It was clear that he needed a wellness check and I had called Brattleboro dispatch, literally within minutes, Rescue Inc. and the fire department were there. I have to be honest for a moment I thought maybe I had overreacted, but Rescue assured me it was the right thing to do, and that when we care about our community and take notice of those in need it lifts us all up. I am truly grateful to have such caring first responders in Brattleboro, I am so proud to be part of this community. Rescue Inc., the fire department, and the police work hard to make sure we are all safe, thank you all for your hard work and compassion.

Vickie Case, Brattleboro, April 18


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