Letter: Sign the petition

Sign the petition

Editor of the Reformer:

Attention, voters of Brattleboro: This is to urge you to sign the petition which is circulating asking for a referendum about whether to move the police station from the municipal center downtown. The move will mean that the police department is farther away from the schools, the hospitals, a majority of the banks and stores and the major residential areas.

The move will allow the town to purchase the Reformer building, thus letting the town remove a commercial property from the tax rolls (the grand list). The move will enable the town to be in competition with owners of privately held property in town when it rents space at both the Municipal Center and Reformer building after the town makes $4.2 million in renovation to the Black Mountain Road building.

By portraying the cost of renovation of the current police department to be greater than the cost of moving it to Black Mountain Road the Select Board feels it can convince voters to buy the plan to move.

The Town Meeting Representatives certainly bought it. Only one Select Board member voted against the deal. That took courage. Taxpayers have no idea how much their taxes will go up when all the pieces of this puzzle come together.

With enough signatures on the petition, it will allow all the voters an opportunity to weigh in on this vital topic. I believe we have to think about the greater good for the community, not what's a perfect site and deal for the police department. Brattleboro is not growing as a town, it hasn't for the past 40 or more years. Will our police department be expanding in the next 30 years? Do they need renovated space where they are presently housed? No one argues with that.

Nancy Miller, Brattleboro, March 18


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