Letter: Slaves built this country

Slaves built this country

Editor of the Reformer:

I was moved by a Richard Davis column ("The declaration of hypocrisy," July 11, 2015) about how slavery was the economic and social foundation upon which America was built.

It is well-worth remembering the violence and lethality of white Americans that laid the economic foundations for the white privilege of all subsequent whites, descended from slaveholders or not.

Davis' column caused me to hunt down this passage from a New York Times Review of Books article by George M. Frederickson, published in April of 2004, profiling "Challenging the Boundaries of Slavery," by David Brion Davis.

"By 1820 ... at least ten million African slaves had arrived in the New World, as opposed to a grand total of two million Europeans ... by 1820, the two million Europeans had become twelve million; whereas the ten million Africans had left only six million descendants. No other set of figures so graphically illustrates the inhumanity of slavery and the slave trade."

I thank the Reformer for presenting ideas and America's actual history.

Scott Ainslie

Brattleboro, Aug. 8


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