Letter: Smelly speeders

Smelly speeders

Editor of the Reformer:

I'm so sorry ... and embarrassed. I live in a small village, Saxtons River. Lucky me? From my retirement perch on Main Street I must report a problem and/or threat to tranquility and safety. Shockingly, there are many drivers who completely ignore the posted speed limit! What, break the law and endanger pedestrians, pets and any other entity in the way just to get where you're going to start that dinner, walk the dog, have that drink, etc.? It has to be more than such banality as the possible excuses I cite. Well, after careful scientific research I have deduced the identity of the culprit cause. It must be the air, it smells. It is so bad one dare not refill those lungs in this village.

"We gotta get out of this place," so sang The Animals. When that State Trooper pulls you over to write your traffic ticket I suggest you claim olfactory offences! Tell that to the traffic court judge.

Sincerely, and safely inside,

William B. Corbett Saxtons River, Feb. 18


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