Letter: Sneakyboard, not Select Board

Sneakyboard, not Select Board

Editor of the Reformer:

Extra, extra, read all about it: The Brattleboro Sneaky Selectboard sneaks in a police fire station without taxpayer approval."

Shameful. Dishonest. The Brattleboro Select Board, which I now call the Brattleboro Sneakyboard, because the board, without public approval, sneakily approved this new police fire station even though the public has consistently voted against it. The soft footed sneaky chicanery reaches a new depth even for Brattleboro. As the sign says, "The One and Only." It is now, the one and only, Sneakyboard running our town. This is more of Brattleboro inside trading and corruption, nepotism, and just plain sneakiness that our town is famed for. An arts town with the greatest art as the con artists running the town.

Beneath the veneer of a genteel Vermont town is more manure than the nearest barns. The Sneakyboard without approval from the taxpayers, approved a new police and fire station. They knew that the taxpayers would reject it (again) as they have rejected it previously. Then the news that the town purchased an old and inadequate building to house the police fire station — the Reformer building. It will cost more to rehab the building than it is worth. Who's making money on this deal? It smells like the old familiar smell of Brattleboro town politics and corruption.

For many years, the Sneakyboard, instead of focusing on real economic growth in Brattleboro, continued to push for expensive projects and programs that undermines the tax base. It is weird that as Brattleboro continues to have the largest concentration of low-income housing between here and Hartford, Conn., it is leaving the ordinary Joe and Jane taxpayer high and dry. Our town, as I understand, has the highest property taxes in the state of Vermont, outside of the ski resorts. Now, this next nail in the coffin of Brattleboro, the police fire station.

Instead of spending some $15 million for a new police and fire station, it would be far more prudent and effective to take $5 million and create new business incubators and invest in existing businesses in Brattleboro. We need to invest in our existing businesses and growth instead of these albatrosses. We need to invest in the small businesses. We need to stabilize our grand list and have the multi-million dollar non-profits like the Retreat, Windham & Windsor Housing Trust, and Brattleboro Memorial Hospital pay their equitable share in lieu of taxes. We serve greater Windham County and our New Hampshire neighbors for whom Brattleboro serves as downtown; these folks need to share the burden of services they rely on.

It is time for the citizens of Brattleboro, to organize and reject this boondoggle, the new police and fire station. Yes, upgrade the existing facilities, but as the voters had previously rejected police and fire station, let us stop this illegal madness. Call your Select Board member and town meeting member now. This is supposed to be a democracy, let your voice be heard. The Brattleboro Sneakyboard cannot be trusted and their behavior is shameful.

Joe Green, Brattleboro, April 15


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