Letter: Stop the sale of semi-automatic weapons

Stop the sale of semi-automatic weapons

Editor of the Reformer:

Donald Trump has set something into motion that he probably did not fully realize he was doing. He has stirred up the pool of hate, prejudices and other societal filth that lies just below the surface of our civilized society. What needs to be done about these social ills is a many faceted and varied task that will take time and work by all of us.

But one thing we can do right now is to let our neighbors, our community, and our U.S. Congress representatives know there is something we can do right now. That is to stop the sale of semi-automatic guns.

Guns may not kill people, maybe people do. But I do know that young men with guns, especially young men with semi-automatic rifles, do kill people. To take out one part of that equation can and will stop some of the killing. Stringent and more thorough background checks will also be a deterrent to the purchase of guns by people who should not have guns. But the first step has to be stop the sale of semi-automatic rifles. Then we may be able to start to face some of our other problems; such as mental health, education and the income gap between Middle Americans and the "top" 1 per cent. If you agree with these thoughts about gun control, write your U.S. House Representative and U.S. Senator and let them know there is something they can do right now about these shootings. Stop the sale of semi-automatic rifles now.

Betty Armstrong, Putney, July 11


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