Letter: Support for Deen, Mrowicki

Support for Deen, Mrowicki

Editor of the Reformer:

I am writing in support of Mike Mrowicki and David Deen for Windham-4 (Dummerston, Putney, Westminster) Representatives to the Vermont House. These two individuals have demonstrated exemplary service to our district and to the state of Vermont. David's work to protect waterways throughout Vermont has been and will continue to be invaluable. Similarly, Mike's work for Vermont's families and children deserves kudos from all. Neither of these incumbents is a single-issue candidate and neither is above compromise — a necessary component for good governance. They listen, they learn, they consult with constituents and they act accordingly.

These are all excellent reasons to vote for Mrowicki and Dean, but there is one that is particularly important to me in this election — both support universal background checks for gun purchases. Full disclosure — I am an early member and supporter of GunSense Vermont, a local grass-roots organization founded to support common sense gun laws in Vermont. I'm also its current treasurer.

Their opponents, Eddie Cutler and Bonnie DiPino, are members of Gun Owners of Vermont. Cutler is the president. This group advocates "no compromise" when it comes to universal background check laws in Vermont. Despite the fact that 89 percent of Vermonters support universal background checks, they're against them. According to their Facebook pages they consider themselves to be uncompromising constitutionalists on this and other issues. I'm not entirely certain what this means, but I think it means they'll stick to their interpretation of the constitution, period. It is hard to imagine them as successful legislators with such an absolutist stance.

So, the choice is clear. One can vote for Cutler and DiPino, whose no-compromise position on gun safety and other issues is likely to make them ineffective representatives of their constituents, or one can vote for the proven leadership of Deen and Mrowicki.

Greg Moschetti, Dummerston, Sept. 9


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