Letter: Support for Mollie Burke

Support for Mollie Burke

Editor of the Reformer:

State Representative Mollie Burke stopped by my house today with her re-election pamphlet. I greeted her with pajamas, bedhead and my newly acquired Barry White voice, "Oh. Hey, Mollie. I sure do wish I could invite you in, girl. But (insert bass riff), I've got a cold."

She smiled, opted to wave through the glass and then helped Scarlett remove a spider from her bike handlebars before promising to come back to chat when I was feeling better.

Mollie has been stopping by to say, "Hi" for six years. Three days after Irene when no one was coming down Willow Street, Mollie was riding her bike over our flood-mud hills and making sure everyone had access to the resources they needed.

"Great story, Bethany. Why are you telling us this?" Well, I guess I just feel incredibly lucky that we live in a state with representatives who aren't just faces on cardboard mailers. I know my District 2 state rep. She's Mollie. Bicycle rider, art teacher, and spider remover.

I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Mollie on Nov. 8.

Bethany Thies, Brattleboro, Sept. 25


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