Letter: Support for Ram

Support for Ram

Editor of the Reformer:

I am excited this year to vote for someone I truly believe is the best candidate for the job instead of closing my eyes and picking a candidate. I am voting for Kesha Ram as our next Lt. Governor and I am urging everyone I know to also vote for her.

Kesha impressed me the first time I met her, and I have talked with her many times since She even came to my house to meet with a group of people concerned about what Act 46 (the education consolidation bill) is doing to our very well run and congenial supervisory union. She did vote for it, but now realizes that there are a lot of issues to address.

Kesha is young, enthusiastic, a doer and a listener. She wants to know what Vermont residents are feeling and thinking, not the lobbyist. She feels that getting people of different opinions together to work on issues is the way to go, and she makes it happen. Kesha wants to make the Lt. Governor position a vibrant and important one and use her talents to listen, learn and make laws that the Vermonters want, not what they are given by the powers that be.

Kesha is running against two candidates who have been in the legislature long enough and if elected would continue the same old legislative processes.

So join me and help elect Kesha Ram as out next Lt. Governor.

Jody Normandeau, Dummerston, July 29


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