Letter: Support for Scott

Support for Scott

Editor of the Reformer

I write in support of Phil Scott for Governor of Vermont. Phil Scott has been our Lt. Governor for many years, and has the ability to work with both parties. He understands the needs of the people of Vermont and will work to resolve the problems we now face.

Our economy has been growing at about 2 percent each year, and low and middle-income wages aren't really growing at all. Meanwhile, state spending has been growing at a rate of about 5 percent each year for the last six years. We are now borrowing about $142 per minute, and that has to stop.

The tax burden on Vermonters is unsustainable, and creates a downward cycle that must be reversed. In the last six years we have lost nearly 16,000 workers, and you are now paying for those lost tax dollars.

The way to resolve this is to create jobs by training, workforce retention, improving our infrastructure, and training in the trades. We also need to develop our high skills workforce in order to create a stronger financial foundation.

I urge you to vote for Phil Scott of Governor; we need him.

Stephen McConnel, Townshend, Oct. 15


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