Letter: Support for Zuckerman, Dunne

Support for Zuckerman, Dunne

Editor of the Reformer:

On Aug. 9, Vermont will hold an important primary. We are fortunate to be able to vote for Matt Dunne and David Zuckerman for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Both have been long time supporters of Bernie Sanders, endorsing his presidential bid early and enthusiastically. For those of us who have been excited and energized by Bernie's campaign, and for the millions of Americans who have heard his positive message about our future, we need to continue to work toward his goals.

Protecting our environment: Both David Zuckerman and Matt Dunne understand the critical importance of moving our state away from the fossil fuel economy. David is an organic farmer, and was one of the critical leaders in passing the GMO labeling bill. Matt vows to take real action on climate change, including divestment from fossil fuels and a move to 90 percent renewables by 2050.

Boosting wages and improving work environments, with paid sick days and improved childcare options at a time when quality childcare can eat up much of the wages of even a professional, such as a teacher or a nurse.

Supporting Vermont's rural economy by boosting agriculture, the forest product industry, and increasing access to broadband.

Legalizing marijuana and ending prohibition.

Remember to vote on Aug. 9 — this primary winner will be decided by those who show up.

Nancy Braus, Putney, July 22


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