Letter: Support the Gleanery

Support the Gleanery

Editor of the Reformer:

I am writing to encourage people to eat at the Gleanery in Putney. Located in the historic old tavern building right in the heart of Putney, the Gleanery has been serving locally sourced food for three years now. It was started by three inspired individuals with a vision, lots of creativity, and funding from memberships, investors, and their own money. It has been a learning process for the restaurant, and some who ate there initially stopped going due to inconsistent service. The Gleanery has worked out many of its kinks and now consistently serves exceptional local food in a timely manner. They now have a wine and beer license and serve some particularly interesting beers. If you've never eaten there, give it a try; if you used to eat there and stopped, give it another chance. The Gleanery is more than just another restaurant serving flavorful, interesting food. They are a community supported restaurant following the philosophy of the slow money economy. They provide income for many local food producers and employment to our neighbors. They are a source of energy in the town center. But they need more customers if they are going to be able to stay open and thrive. I would rather drive into Putney on a warm summer night and see people on the porch eating yummy food by candlelight than see a central building with dark windows. Let's not let this gem slip through the cracks.

Philip Hamilton, Westminster West, March 29


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