Letter: Support your road workers

Support your road workers

Editor of the Reformer:

I wanted to offer a different perspective to a letter that was written about Agency of Transportation workers in Vermont ("Not Enough Workers," Dec. 9). Every time I hit the highway during a snow storm, especially in the early hour travel to Burlington, I am grateful to the men and women who work for the AOT doing their best to get me there safely. These workers have one of the most challenging jobs; laboring long hard hours to give Vermonters and those who visit our state, a safe passage on our roads and highways. These workers risk their own safety on a daily basis and deserve more compensation than they will ever make, which isn't much. As a taxpayer, I support every dollar that is spent on these workers and know that many state workers, including those at AOT, need more than one job just to get by. In fact, I support all state workers and appreciate how much they do every day to keep Vermont working.

Robin Rieske, Brattleboro VSEA Chapter President, Dec. 11


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