Letter: Ten reasons for wind power

Ten reasons for wind power

Editor of the Reformer:

I have called South Windham my home for 60 years, have no intention to leave it, and want what's best for it.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many in Windham and Grafton like me who are open to developing wind power on the plateau between our two towns. I have 10 reasons for supporting wind turbines here. To create power for 42,000 homes. To shut down a coal burning plant somewhere. To reduce green house gasses by being carbon neutral. To create jobs during construction and then in operations (30 years). To bring annual payments to our towns of about a million dollars per year. To help sustain our schools by attracting new families due to lower property taxes. To inspire and be proud of a green engineering feat by harnessing the wind. To help and support the sustainable management of the Stiles Brook Forest's 5,000 acres. To use wind as the only fuel to generate power, once the wind farm is constructed. To think globally and act locally.

Alan Partridge, South Windham, Sept. 15


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