Letter: Thank you Madeline Albright

Thank you Madeline Albright

Editor of the Reformer:

To Madeline Albright and "her special place in hell."

Thank you for your recent comments on women and politics. I say this with sincerity and this is why: I understand the cultural context you lived through in which your words would have been relevant. There was a time in history when women in any powerful position needed to fiercely advocate for other women in order to break through the "boys club." The fact that your words are now so irrelevant and out of touch (and, in fact, sexist) is a luxury to women today. It is proof that you have done a good job being a feminist within the context of your lifetime.

You see, my mother and grandmother still had to think this way, but I am lucky. Thanks to the work you and they did, this inherent truth for you has not been my reality. You have effectively worked yourself out of a job, because you have done it so well. I am not one to say misogyny no longer exists or the need for feminism is no longer required. My generation is fighting the next evolutionary battle in women's equality, but it's one that has a stronger foundation than our foremothers. We can depend on certain truths, the right to vote is one obvious example. Nonetheless, your message is off point. We are women looking for a new form of equality. We want our girls to grow up as adults and make accurate assumptions that they are getting paid equally to men. That they, of course, have total choice over their reproductive rights (why the hell wouldn't they), and that their health care is not more expensive than a man's would be. In fact, I want both my daughter and my son to take these ideas for granted; as if it were never any other way. That's when I'll know society has improved. You see, it's not about building a girls club to fight against the boys anymore. It's about moving out of this paradigm altogether. And with that in mind, thank for the bricks you've laid in paving this stronger foundation for our next generation of feminists.

Heidi Ballentine, Newfane, Feb. 12


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