Letter: Thanks for not smoking

Thanks for not smoking

Editor of the Reformer:

Big thanks and commendations to Windham Windsor Housing Trust and Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition for creating rental housing that is free from cigarette smoke!

Growing up in a rural single-family home, I was rarely exposed to cigarette smoke. As an adult I rented or lived in house-sharing situations, but soon I developed allergic asthma and other health problems that flare up in the presence of cigarettes, laundry fragrances, colognes, air fresheners and the like.

Office jobs became risky for me, and renting became difficult. Even if I could find a place to rent that did not make me sick, there was always the risk that a new neighbor might move in and ruin the air for me.

Several years ago, the health problems and stress associated with these conditions spurred me to look into to buying a home for the first time. I succeeded, and now I work from a home office. Most of the time I can now avoid the substances that trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

WWHT helped me figure out how to become a homeowner, and how to get a loan to pay for replacing my old drafty windows. I can't imagine how I would have done all this without them, so again: huge thanks to this amazing organization.

Janis Hall, Brattleboro, Nov. 17


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