Letter: The elites are not looking out for you

The elites are not looking out for you

Editor of Reformer:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the highest disapproval rating of any candidates heading into the general election in American history. What the Sanders campaign has done is to bring to our attention to how the corporate/political elites have taken away the democratization of political power in the underclasses, the poor, the working class, and a greater piece of the shrinking middle class, and promoted a sense of weakness and collective futility that eventually ends up in political apathy and resignation. The privilege that brings wealth, power, and authority is the privilege of Hillary Clinton and her corporate backers. There's a strange echo of another failed political "philosophy" called supply side economics. Somehow, the elites will bestow fairness, justice, and opportunity to those below them by magically pulling the strings, and then life will be better.

Bernie talks about struggle, a never ending struggle against the corporate elites who want it all, some of whom are the very same elites running the Democratic Party. Except for the Bernie campaign, have you noticed this election cycle is about voting against something, not voting for something. How can voters be aspirational, when the choice is between a corporate stooge and a psychopathic disassembler.

The Republican party has embraced fascism. They have tapped into the dark, delusional, violent side of the American character, and it's here to stay, unless the American people start to pay more attention. The Democratic Party needs to be more democratic. The Republican Party needs to be voted out of existence,

If the goal has been to demobilize the electorate and reduce political activity within the narrow boundaries as defined by the corporate state, the Clinton campaign has been successful. Clinton will blame Bernie supporters for not turning out for her if she loses the general election, but if that happens, let's put the blame where it lies, the primary voters who supported Clinton, and of course the candidate herself.

Steve Belczak, Westminster West, June 6


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