Letter: The paralyzing effect of political correctness

The paralyzing effect of political correctness

Editor of the Reformer:

It was a great deal of anxiety and frustration and remorse as we all learned the details of the latest attack on Americans by someone aspiring to greatness for Allah. This is not the first and surely won't be the last attack we will have to endure.

What is even more troubling than the attack is the response to it by our so called leaders. Immediately calling for gun control, refusing to acknowledge the source of this terror, then labeling anyone who did not see it like they do as some kind of "ist" or "phobe." Obama gave a press conference touting his great successes against the latest, of endless scourges to rise up in the Middle East. Angrily defending his refusal to call it what it is. Everybody talked about the symptoms but nobody mentioned the disease. Obama did mention it once but only to say it was one of the world's "great" religions. Wow. One would of thought at a time like that the leader of the free world would have had the presence of mind to call it one of the world's major religions. It speaks volumes about his sympathies to the causes of this scourge upon humanity. The Reformer along with the rest of the elitist funded media propagandists jumped on the bandwagon. First with a big editorial on gun control espousing the official narrative for the progressive nanny state. Then an editorial on June 16 tried to show that so called "toxic masculinity" could have been the cause of this attack. I have seen some whacky far out stuff written on the editorial pages, but this was an exceptional piece of fantasy. There were moral equivalents drawn out that were so insanely ridiculous they could surely only be the ramblings of an imbecile.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines a phobia as: an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. So when we see our leaders and pundits using extreme rationales in an attempt to explain away the obvious causes of these attacks, we can know that these are the persons in our society who actually suffer from Islamophobia. The same Islamophobia that they so readily apply to those of us who are cognizant and verbal about the real threat when we demand an appropriate response.

Our leaders are continuously pontificating about their great moral courage yet they remain resolute in their refusal to defend us against the biggest threat to humanity in our time.

Americans need to act decisively. There is an election in November and the word is it may be the last peaceful option we have to get our country back from the paralysis of political correctness and back into the hands of practical leadership. A leadership that will secure America and restore our place of greatness, integrity and respect on the world stage. An America our allies can trust and our enemies will fear.

Dwight Zeager Brattleboro, June 28


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