Letter: Think about the future

Think about the future

Editor of the Reformer:

While it is clear from recent events that neither of the two major political parties has a handle on integrity, and perhaps neither of the proposed candidate tickets is ideally suited for the job and challenges now facing the United States of America, voters need to know that the next president will have the charge of appointing two or three Supreme Court Justices. Since those appointments are lifetime appointments, those choices will impact the future of the country — for good or for ill — for a long, long time. This coming election may truly be a dire matter of life and death for the future of the planet as a whole.

Independents, dismayed Republicans, and Bernie supporters must all think carefully about the most prudent way to proceed despite the disappointments and sense of betrayal we may now feel. In the face of the alternative "totalitarian-type" candidate presented by the Republican Party — a man who has no plan, no skills for the tireless and complicated job of president, no knowledge of international protocol or diplomacy — an experiment in dictatorship for America is not what most of us envision for the future. Certainly, it is not what we worked so hard for in the campaigns we supported.

There are no simple solutions to our current mess, but while Trump's businesses use labor and products from other countries rather than giving the work to American workers and businesses, we ourselves must continue to pursue the course of enhancing the American people by advocating for the foundational values of equity in diversity, fair trade economy, living wage, health care and education for the good of all Americans, not just the rich.

We must keep on keeping on — getting out the vote, getting out truthful specific information to all voting age people, getting others involved in the political process because it is their future, too. Putting the Democratic ticket in the White House at this time will give us more time to address our current challenges in a thoughtful, creative, problem-solving way, whereas the alternative offers little hope for discussion or room for the diversity of ideas and solutions that has made America great until now. The alternative offers authoritarian squashing of creativity and options. Is that really what we want in America today? Is that really what we want for our children?

Rather than run in fear from the challenge and responsibility before us, we must all accept the gift of this opportunity to participate in the choice to turn things around for our country, turn things around for the better, change the focus from a greedy "me" mindset to a life-giving and sharing "we" mindset. We must vote this fall for life, all life, and vote with the "long-haul" future in mind and heart. We now lay the foundation for the world our grandchildren will inherit. Let us be careful, mindful, heartful and exacting in our deliberation while we choose the highest and best for them in any and every moment of choice we face.

Lynn Russell, Brattleboro, July 28


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