Letter: Thoughts in this primary season

Thoughts in this primary season

Editor of the Reformer:

Dear Gov. Shumlin, first I do not support the legalization of pot. I am not alone in my thinking in this matter. Medical, yes only, but not recreational use. The Vermont law enforcement community is also opposed to legalization. Buzzed or stoned drivers is a danger to us all.

As far as my opinion for you, I lost any respect for you with a recent appointment of a side judge to the Windham court system. Goes to show how we vet judges or police in Vermont.

The primary's are upon us. Now I read and try to understand positions. Many have had remarks about Senator Bernie Sanders. Now Bernie over 30 years has had the same message: "Income equality." The other candidates' positions scare me with all the statements made. I have no doubt that all are qualified except Donald Trump.

I have read comments about Burlington residents being tree huggers, socialists and light in the loafers on Facebook. Funny thing these are all hot topics all over the world. I like Senator Bernie Sanders. As mayor of Burlington, he set the footprint of that great city. Other have followed in his footsteps.

Burlington is a world-class city. I am voting for Bernie Sanders because he has a proven track record. Just imagine a more world-class city in the Untied States of America. Shame on Shumlin for not supporting Bernie. Peter is off to Iowa to support Hillary, who is desperate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire.

I find it most curious the timing of the letter about Bernie's wife to the U.S. Attorney of Vermont. That's all old news but the letter got maximum exposer . There is no one that understands dirty sleazy politics better than I. If you doubt me, ask former Governor Michael Dukakis. He had a wiretap I supplied to him. It laid out the entire GOP strategy. He chose not to get into the mud I did.

Jim Mitchell, Bellows Falls, Jan. 13


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