Letter to the Editor: The way America used to be

The way America used to be

Editor of the Reformer:

I'm following with interest the flurry of letters against the proposed ridgeline wind project in (appropriately named) Windham. If residents and second home owners are so concerned about the disruption to bear habitat, plus the ongoing massacre of birds who fly into the rotors, then they should be all the more concerned about the ongoing slaughter of bears on our roads, including interstates, red- and even blue-highways. Why not close all highways and allow them to return to a state of nature, allowing only the former Native American paths to traverse Vermont? If this is perhaps too extreme a solution, then the new, self-driving cars could have governors placed on their accelerators at no more than 25 mph so that bear, deer, moose, fox, skunk, etc. would be spared? Of course this would make the trip up from Boston and Manhattan or the surrounding 'burbs a bit longer, but I'm sure these second home owners would accept such minor inconveniences and appreciate the more authentic, pre-20th century Vermont. In fact, if we got rid of all the roads, then, to paraphrase our unofficial state motto: we could truly become "Vermont: The Way America Used to be!" (Pre-Columbian, of course!)

Michael Landis, Guilford, Sept. 9


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