Letter: To the residents of Windham 2-1

To the residents of Windham 2-1

Editor of the Reformer:

I took this time to write to you based on facts, and not wishful thinking that seems to impair judgement on very important issues that will inevitably affect us all. For those of us that have been living under a rock the last couple of years there are a few things I would like to point out with our choices for Novembers election. To be transparent I attempted to garner enough support for me to run against Valerie A. Stuart based on her record of voting in a manner that doesn't reflect the will of the people in her district. Also I plan on continuing to serve the people of Vermont as a Trustee on the Vermont Veterans Home Board of Trustees.

A few examples of Stuart total's disregard for the people's will shows in her personal agenda not being left at home when she goes to work in Montpelier as our Representative. I know most of us do not want to see Vermont's State Government increase spending faster than revenues come in, which Representative Stuart voted yes to an Increased State Budget. Representative Stuart voted Yes on an adjusted budget upward by $91 million. On House Bill 873 the Representative voted Yes in approval of $37 million dollars in New Miscellaneous Taxes. House Bill 877 was a total of $11 million dollars in new and increased Department of Motor Vehicle Fees, which Representative Stuart voted Yes. Representative Stuart also voted Yes to $7.9 million dollars in property tax increases, and from the research I have been able to do if the VT House had just left Act 46 alone and in place Vermont Homeowners would have realized a cut in their Property Taxes. In House Bill 233 was an attempt to give Vermont Homeowners Property Tax Relief as a result of penalties in spending caps, which in return provided zero dollars in relief and raised property taxes as stated above and Representative Stuart voted Yes. What House Bill 233 did accomplish was to raise the Education spending caps allowed before a penalty is activated. Representative Stuart voted yes on raising net fees paid in Vermont by $24 million dollars for General Revenue Projects of the State, and this increase was the largest increase in these fees ever. By voting Yes on House Bill 187 she in effect approved of another tax on our areas micro and small businesses, and when fully rolled out will be $14.3 million out of local businesses pockets. Representative Stuart voted No to striking the $1.6 million dollar tax increase out of the Telecom Bill, and also voted Yes to more tobacco and other tobacco product taxes by 39 cents, and 32 cents respectively. Representative Stuart voted Yes on blocking legalization of Marijuana in our State based on a faulty scientific study that has been proven to be completely untrue, but which Representative Stuart supported. Just from what I have listed above this woman, Windham 2-1 purported representative has not voted on a single thing that benefits the individuals and businesses in our area. I truly wonder if she is in Vermont's House of Representatives for her own personal gain with a personal agenda. We can not create new taxes nor can the State government be allowed to spend our way out of a hole as Representative Stuart obviously thinks the Government can do. Also it seems her complete disregard for the Little Guys in Vermont whom will bear the brunt of all the new taxes and fees Representative Stuart has approved. As much support and Yes votes as the controversial bills have received from Representative Stuart the Vermont Veterans Home should not have to beg for funding every year to support and care the men and women whom have served this Country unselfishly.

Andrew S. Cotrel Brattleboro, Sept. 25


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