Letter: Traffic headache

Traffic headache

Editor of the Reformer:

Today they closed down the Exit 3 ramp again, saying it will relieve traffic congestion; this happens every time there is a holiday weekend. Whoever came up with this idea either does not live in the area or have a clue as to what they are doing when they close down the ramps. By shutting down the ramps all they are really doing is putting more traffic out on to Putney Road and causing more congestion and traffic to be backed up. When the ramps are shut down I have seen and been in traffic that has been backed up from Route 30 by the turn for the Retreat all the way back to the traffic lights by the entrance to Staples. This is by no means relieving congestion, it is creating it, plus it makes it harder on the people that use Route 5 on a daily bases. It is hard enough to get through Brattleboro on a normal day. May I suggest that the state make whoever is dragging their feet at replacing the bridges on Interstate 91 work 24/7 until they are done; that would alleviate a lot of traffic congestion. I grew up back when 91 was being built and it did not take them half as long back then, to go from Exit 1 to Exit 4, as it is replacing just the two bridges over the West River today.

Robert Wheeler, West Chesterfield, N.H., Feb. 15


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