Letter: Treat all your customers with dignity and respect

Treat all your customers with dignity and respect

Editor of the Reformer:

Several of our black friends have told us that they have been followed around by store employees while visiting stores in our community. Understandably this has made them feel judged and uncomfortable and therefore they no longer shop at these particular stores. Most Vermonters (and someday all) want people to be judged by their actions (or the "contents of their character" as Martin Luther King Jr. said it better), not by the color of their skin.

Through word of mouth and social media the word gets out. Store owners and employees should know that by behaving this way their stores are losing more business than just minority shoppers. We plan to contact these specific businesses on behalf of our friends to inform them of the problem and give them an opportunity to address it, so that everyone in our community can be treated with dignity and respect.

Sheila & Lester Humphreys, Brattleboro, July 18


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