Letter: Troubled by Dunne

Troubled by Dunne

Editor of the Reformer:

Gubernatorial candidate Matt Dunne has recently come out and said that he would abide by a town's decision if a majority of registered voters decided against having a large renewable energy project within their borders. As an ecological engineer and energy consultant deeply committed to addressing climate change, I find this stance from our most progressive candidate troubling. My question to Mr. Dunne is this: would he continue to hold this stance if he was aware that fossil fuel interests had affected the vote? My advice to Mr. Dunne, or whoever wins the governorship, is to work with the Vermont Public Service Board to develop a mechanism whereby residents, municipalities and businesses in any town where a large wind or solar project is proposed are offered an opportunity to acquire an ownership stake in that project.

As for the Lt. Governor's race, Windham County owes Shap Smith a debt of gratitude for the enabling legislation that is allowing a 5.5megawatt net metered solar array on our Windham Region's capped landfill. This project will cut electric costs to our municipalities substantially, improve the finances of our Solid Waste District and lower our taxes. After watching David Zuckerman crisscross the state over and over again promoting his progressive ideals, and hearing how the Democratic party has shut him out the way they've shut out Bernie on the national level, David's got my vote. Sorry Shap, I wish you'd stayed in the governor's race.

Tad Montgomery, Brattleboro, Aug. 1


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