Letter: Trump is taking advantage of suckers

Trump is taking advantage of suckers

Editor of the Reformer:

I wish everyone could recognize that Trump is nothing other than a con man. His campaign slogan should be: "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute," instead of "Make America Great Again."

Trump would have made a great Televangelist. Look at his abysmal truth ratings on Politifact. It is as if his goal is to overwhelm the fact-checkers with so many lies, that they simply give up. Don't Americans care about the truth, decency and civility anymore? With Trump, truth and facts do not matter, and many Americans are too apathetic to check. Bernie Sanders is the only one who deserves to be President, but sadly, it appears America is going down. The inauguration of Trump will be America's wake.

Spencer Crispe, Brattleboro, June 24


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