Letter: Trump is the dark side personified

Trump is the dark side personified

Editor of the Reformer:

The advent of Donald Trump as a contender for the office of leader of the free world has been disturbing to me from the beginning. I thought at first that he would fail miserably in a short time. When this didn't happen, and he seemed to gain momentum, I hoped that people with rational minds would make a bad joke of his candidacy. This has not happened. My current real concern is that he is presenting the face of evil to us in a way that makes the Dark Side that resides in human beings, rear its ugly head and proclaim "My turn!"

Each of us must make the choice, frequently on a daily basis, to align ourselves with the light or the dark. As Star Wars has taught us, the power of the Dark Side stems from fear, anger, hatred and aggression. This is clearly where Trump derives his power.

We are engulfed with fear at this stage in our history: terrorism, poverty, climate change, bipartisanism; the list is endless. People are frightened and angry and are directing their hate where the Dark Side's spokesperson directs them. We have been here before as a country. We have oppressed and/or villainized Native Americans, blacks, women, Japanese and many other groups with tragic disregard for their shared humanity. Trump has seized upon the fact that we are all potential followers of the Dark Side and with a prowess that Hitler would have admired, he is gathering more and more to his side.

We must remember that each of us is totally dependent for our survival upon each and everyone else on this planet. If the majority chooses the Dark Side, we will all be lost to the decay and degradation that accompany its use. The alternative is for those who are aligned with the Light, to get brighter and louder and more passionate and defeat the forces of darkness.

May the Force be with us before it is too late.

Judith Petry, Westminster, Dec. 21


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