Letter: Trump lets it all hang out

Trump lets it all hang out

Editor of the Reformer:

Back in January, the NY Post reported that Robert Gates thought that it was likely that both China and Russia could've hacked Hillary Clinton's email server. While "Congressional investigators reported in October that Clinton's e-mail account was the target of hackers from China, South Korea and Germany. Russian hackers also tried to breach the account in 2011, hoping Clinton would click on e-mails sent as phony traffic tickets."

So, the uproar at the Democratic convention over Trump's hope that Russia might produce the 30,000 or so emails that Hillary deleted pathetically and obviously missed the point by miles. The point is whether or not the potential next president has allowed herself to be blackmailed incessantly for the next four to eight years. I actually think that that could be a good thing for "the Goddess of War." Because a number of reporters and analysts are asking whether Warhington is planning to deliver a hot war with either Russia or China to our incessantly hungry and huge Military-Industrial Complex.

I read Franklin Lamb's account of how the Russians removed 4,000 bombs from the ruins of Palmyra and then sent the Russian symphony to perform in the desert, and I thought "Wow!" And, in the next moment I realized that I had never thought "Wow!" in response to the doings of any American president. So, an American president firmly under Putin's thumb? It strikes me that I could look forward to having my breath taken away again by an inspired rather than a conspiratorial and perhaps nuclear event.

Let's not forget that past aspirants to the White House covertly negotiated the retention of U.S. hostages in Iran until after a presidential election. By contrast, Donald Trump hangs it all out there, 24/7, tweeting every thought that enters his head. What fun for our national security state, which resembles a beached dead whale after several days in the sun.

Jacqueline Brook, Putney, July 29


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